Waiting for more blueberries to ripen!

You may have noticed that we are temporarily closed. In the middle of the season, no less.  Here’s what’s going on.

Last weekend we had a ton of people picking. I mean, we were slammed. Cars lined up down the street. At one point we had 15 cars of people in the field.  And they did a great job picking!

Which meant that when we woke up on Monday morning and checked the field, we found it almost picked clean.  Sure, there were a few berries here and there, but not enough to make for easy picking.  There were a ton of not-quite-ripe berries, though.

Just look at all that red!

So we decided that the thing to do was to close the field until the berries ripened.  We want it to be easy for you to pick!

Wish us good luck with the weather (more good-for-the-berries rain in the forecast)!


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