Green Family History

People ask us, “How did you get started with blueberries?”

Well, the answer boils down to two things that we all love, food and family.

As a young family, we picked blueberries at farms in the rolling green countryside of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  In fact, our youngest son, Zachary, would eat his way through the fields. He loved blueberries so much that he once filled his pocket with blueberries and stained a white shirt blue.

Years later, he and his brother and sister were starting their careers in the Northeast, and he pondered, “Why not buy a blueberry farm?”

Why not indeed.

It just so happened that Green Acres Blueberry Farm on Donkin Hill in New Hampton was the golden ticket. Everything about it was perfect.  Even the name matched.

So we moved to New Hampshire, with our three dogs and a cat, to continue the outstanding legacy of a blueberry farm established more than 20 years ago. Our children are not far away, and the song of 1,000 blueberry bushes beckons on a beautiful hillside with a scenic view of the mountains.

They say, “Pick me for your cereal bowl, pancakes, pies muffins or for just plain snacking!”