Yes you can!  We try to keep a few pints available for purchase.  If you would like more than a couple of pints please call ahead to order.

Already picked blueberries are $5 a pint ($10 a quart).

Due to the heat this year we will be open in the mornings from 8am to 1pm during blueberry season.

We recommend bringing a hat, closed toe shoes and sunscreen.  We will provide you with picking containers.


Look for blueberries that are plump and blue throughout.  Blueberries with any red are not ripe yet.  If they are ripe they should fall off easily into your hand for you to transfer to your bucket.  Be sure to look high, low and inside the bush for the ripest juiciest berries!

We charge by volume.  The u-pick price is $6 a quart ($3 pint).

We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and Venmo.

  • Use fresh blueberries that are completely dry when you pop them in the freezer.
  • You can freeze the blueberries without rinsing if you want.  Just make sure to rinse them just before use.
  • If you prefer to rinse the blueberries first, dry them well with paper towels,
  • Once your blueberries are dry; line the cookie sheet or pan with plastic wrap (or other lining), then add one layer of blueberries. Try to see that they’re not touching; you want to freeze them individually. Put the pan on a level freezer shelf and freeze for 30 minutes.  This way the blueberries won’t stick together and you can remove just the portion you need.
  • Remove the pan and place the berries into your container or plastic bag. Immediately return the blueberries to the freezer.
  • Blueberries will keep for up to 6 months in the freezer.