You may notice that we are doing things a little differently this year. Our primary concern is to keep all of our customers healthy and happy.


Studies show that COVID is most often spread by people in close proximity, and can be spread by people who feel fine. Therefore, we ask that you wear a mask when you are in any areas with people outside of your party. This includes the entrance and exit. If you did not bring a mask, we are happy to give you a disposable one. Just ask!


Soap is shown to break down the coronavirus, and keep you from getting sick. We’ve added a handwashing station for your convenience at the top of the field in between the entrance and exit. There’s also hand sanitizer available.

Stay Together and Apart

The field is big, but not so big that you won’t happen upon anyone else. Keep at least six feet between groups. Stay with your party as you pick to make sure that there’s enough space for everyone.

Picking Containers

This year we are asking everyone to pick into green quart containers. When you’ve picked a full quart, pour it into your cardboard flat. Keep track of how many quarts you’ve picked; we’ll ask you how many when you checkout so that we can charge you appropriately.


In order to accommodate these changes and others, we have increased our prices to $5.50 a quart. We accept touch-less payments through Venmo. Also, new this year, we will be accepting SNAP EBT with MarketMatch.